The City: Tacloban, The Place: Na Ning

Brain child of Jacques Palami, a young Taclobanian entrepreneur, Na Ning, known around town simply as mobile bar or truck bar is just what it sounds like.

Palami was traveling abroad when Super Typhoon Haiyan destroyed his city 2013 and he knew he needed to come back and be a part of the recovery.

"It felt wrong not to be here, some of my family was still here." he said. His family home was destroyed in the storm surge along with much of the area. The youngest of 16 children, he wanted to help the family bounce back and create a few jobs while he was at it. He got hold of a short semi truck, fitted it out with all the fixings needed for a libatious lori, threw a few tables and chairs in front of it and now has a loyal following. The crowd is an even mix of local urban Taclobanians and foreign NGO workers who all appreciate the blissfully soft, mild Filipino nights after sweltering days.

Not long after the truck rolled up, the kitchen popped up. Two friends, both from the restaurant biz, set up a counter next to the truck and serve up some scrumptious gourmet burgers. Rumor has it that one of these ladies was a chef at the Ritz before setting up her grill. It's a perfect symbiotic relationship.

In the beginning the truck moved frequently Palami said, but he's trying to keep it in one spot for now and it's being installed in Paterno Street at the time of this post. Just tell a tricycle driver to head for the truck bar and he'll know what you mean and where to find it. 


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