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Why Travel Will Save our Species (if we do it Right)

The species Homo erectus existed on Earth for nearly 2 million years. In that span of time its members developed basic societal rituals and rudimentary tools. Two million years.

In painfully sharp contrast, our species, Homo sapiens, has been around a little less than 200,000 years.

In that span of time, we have developed mind-bogglingly complex societal rituals and devised technology so intricate that many of us don't know how most things work. We just know they do.

Significantly, with our relatively short time on Earth, we have used our superior brain capacity to develop incredible technologies whose sole purpose is to kill other members of our species. We have devoted an enormous amount of thought and effort to the development of weapons whose only intended use is to kill ourselves.
It is doubtful that we will last as long as Homo erectus.

We will most likely wipe ourselves out well before we celebrate a 2 million-year anniversary. But there is something that we can do to …

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