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Close to Home

This was a unique year. I spent some time traveling inside the country, for a change. 
Much of that time was spent traveling back and forth from my home in suburban Los Angeles to the University of Southern California where I’m a full-time undergrad working toward a journalism degree. The Peregrine Dame continues, albeit at a slower pace through editing during the school year. But I also spent time in Utah and Texas as well, both states to which I have close ties. In May I found myself in rural southeast Utah, where I participated in a short course through school, reporting as an intern for a tiny weekly newspaper. (There’s a lot I can say about the experience but the takeaway is this: support your local news outlets, gang.)
It was as foreign an environment to me as many of the countries I’ve been to on the other side of the world. Though, at the same time, certain elements of the culture took me straight back to my childhood in Texas, where I wound up next.
In Utah, I got a phone call fro…

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