Viewer Question Answered: Am I Ever in Danger?


Howdy ... just caught your Rio show. Nice footage! Loved the skater scenes as I am an old skater myself. Skaters around the [world] unite! I know you're a brave dame, but have there been any scetchy scenes you have cut? And have you ever been truly worried about a situation where your safety was in question? Cheers!


No, there have never been any situations that made me concerned for my safety. There was a comical Pink Panther moment in New Delhi years ago, when a man tried to follow my mother and I down a busy street. He was so horrible at tailing people he stuck out like a sore thumb. We turned and stared him down, I even waved at him, and he went away. 

Past that, I'd say living in Los Angeles is more dangerous than most of the places I've traveled. But, if there were an instance like that caught on tape while I was filming, I wouldn't cut it out. I do my best to be as honest as possible, and show a place for what I experience it as. So, I'd have an obligation to include any footage that documented anything worrisome, anyway. Thanks for watching! I'm glad you're enjoying it!



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